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Present in Italy and around the world since 1988, ICIM S.p.A. carries out certification activities of business management systems, products and websites; provides technical assistance, effects inspections, draws up publications, and offers a wide range of training courses related to the quality, certifications, business organization, marketing and communication.



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Since 1998, Mario Cirino Pomicino S.p.A. chose ICIM S.p.A. as independent third party and since is numbered among companies certified to the quality management system, has received the Certificate dell'IQNet, The International Certification Network, internationally recognized.


As far as the product certification,the certifying institute ICIM, which processes specific certification schemes on the basis of national, European and international technical rules, certifies the conformity of the products designed and manufactured by Mario Cirino Pomicino S.p.A. according to the EN124 and EN1433 rules and grants permission to use the brand of product certification.


The company, in addition to periodic internal controls required by EN124 and those performed by the ICIM as independent certifying institute, submit their products to further tests at prestigious universities and accredited laboratories.


La Mario Cirino Pomicino S.p.A. that over the past 15 years has designed, manufactured and marketed more than 500 million euro of materials, has acquired a know-how as to be technical member of CEN (Comitato Europeo di Normazione) for the redaction of the standards indicated.


L’azienda è divenuta, inoltre, punto di riferimento specializzato per:

  • Retailers of building materials and thermohydraulic materials;

  • Building contractors (for road construction and electrical systems);

  • Municipalities, public and private agencies;

  • Utility companies and for the integrated water cycle management;

  • Municipal utilities, energy and telecommunications;

  • Technical and design studies;

  • Site supervisors;

  • Installers;

  • Garden centers;


    for the following typologies:

  • Manhole covers, gully tops and gratings in cast iron complying with EN124 rules;

  • Manhole covers and gratings in galvanized steel;

  • Drainage channels for collecting and conveying water complying with EN1433 rules;

  • Elements of street furniture in cast iron (gray and ductile) and iron;

  • Fittings for water pipes in ductile cast iron complying with EN545 rules.


    Certificato ICIM mcpomicino


    certificato IQNET mcpomicino





    A copy of the declaration of performance in accordance with Regulation n.305/2011 EU for products falling within the scope of the harmonized and regulated standards by the above-mentioned document can be requested.

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