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Founded in 1882


Fully paid - up capital € 3.750.000,00

Founded in 1882, the company is currently managed by the fifth generation of the family, Cristiano Cirino Pomicino sole partner and administrator.


Salvatore Pomicino

1882 - 1909

Francesco Cirino

1909 - 1936

Luigi Cirino Pomicino

1936 - 1953

Mario Cirino Pomicino

1953 - 2002

The company, at the end of the nineteenth century, includes among its customers the “ Royal Arsenals of the Italian Armed Forces ”.


Specialized since the '50s in the manufacturing of cast iron products,the company it is stabilized in 1973 in Arzano on the occasion of the inauguration of the new large establishments, wanted by Mario Cirino Pomicino to enhance the productive capacities and trade.


In 2016 MCP SPA® consolidates its presence in the region with the relocation to new premises in Casandrino (NA). Close to the historic but now obsolete facility in Arzano, the new facilities have increased the production, commercial and reception capacities, by quadrupling the covered spaces for activities.


Following the entrepreneurial vocation of the family, today the company enjoys considerable strengths:



ISO 9001 certification, product and environmental certification.


The widest assortment of cast iron products in Italy.


Unbeatable prices even for a single piece.


Delivery in just 48 hours, even for a single piece, all over Europe.




MCP SPA® is LEADER in Europe in its business field.


The operative philosophy of MCP SPA® is aiming to the full satisfaction of the customers, as first goal of the production chain, and every detail is designed based on the needs that the market demands.