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Customer Care



Customer Care

The customer Care's clerk is an expert in the customer care and customer satisfaction on behalf of the company for which he works.


In view of today's market, characterized by a strong leveling of the offer (products that - for quality, features and price - are becoming more and more similar) the customer care, in all phases of the service, may represent the added value compared to the competition .The Customer Care Pomicino in this scenario represents the differential most suitable to build customer loyalty to the products or services that the firm offers him.


For this reason the MCP SpA makes always of human resources his strong point. The Customer Care is made up of men chosen for their intrinsic qualities and forged in Pomicino's school, they have in their cultural know-how what few.


The MCP SpA improves and updates its customer care's staff constantly, by organizing courses of marketing, merchandising and technical on regular basis. Courses taught by the greatest experts on the subject, which have as their main objective to prepare the staff to achieve the "Customer Satisfaction".


Customer Care