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The ductile cast iron



Chiusino Giotto

The ductile cast iron is used for the production of mechanical parts that require maximum resistance and toughness.


The manufacturing process of this special alloy is subjected to rigorous controls in order to assure the constancy of the quality.


The EN 1563 Standard classifies the ductile cast iron according to the mechanical characteristics of the material.


The ductile cast iron GJS 500-7 must satisfy the following requirements:




The advantages of the ductile cast iron products:


Products characteristics

Ductile cast iron manhole and gully tops are designed as a function of the proof stress of the material, that is reached long before the breaking point, enabling a wider safety margin. The EN 124 Standard states that, not only the achievement of the test loads related to each loading class must be assured but also the permanent set value.



Ductile cast iron manhole and gully tops, in the improbable event of failure, do not break in several parts, as the amellar cast iron does, but the parts show only fractures, ensuring in any case the covering of the manhole,that otherwise would remain dismantled. The graphite spherical shape provides a lower tensile concentration compared to the flake shape one; in addition the spherical shape for equal volume shows up a smaller surface so that the cast iron matrix proves to have less damages making full use of its own mechanical characteristics. Further graphite spherical nodules in ductile iron, inhibit the creation of cracks rather than flakes.







The ductile cast iron mechanical characteristics allow, at the same resistance value, the carrying out of lighter structures, that, for remarkable size models, make easier the installation and maintenance operations, in accordance with the latest European rules (Law 81/08) concerning the safety on work activity.