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Installation Drainage Channels


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Polymeric concrete is a mixture of quartz aggregates, polymeric resins or polyesters and catalysts.


Polymeric concrete advantages:

  • Lightness;

  • Flat surfaces for a smooth-flowing of liquids, avoiding, at the same time, internal sediment of any kind of substances;

  • Better strength to corrosion, chemical agents and loadings;

  • Water absorption below the 0,1 %;

  • Non-freezing;

  • Possibility to carry out very small handcrafts with good accuracy.


    Before starting any kind of work, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the nature of intervention, especially taking into account that the channel body and the concrete wall must constitute a single structure capable of withstanding all traffic loads.


    The method and dimensioning for a right installation that we describe below, have been duly evaluated by several tests, performed in laboratories recognized at national level.


    The dimensions of trench for the channels housing must be calculated by adding the external dimensions of the channel’s body to the measures of the concrete casting as per picture scheme. Such a scheme shows the dimensions of the concrete side to be utilized in order to ensure that the single structure ( channel + side) will withstand the loads of the related classes, The concrete must have mechanical characteristics ≥ a RCK300.


    After the trench’s realization, the concrete must be laid constituting a bedding on which the channels will be placed. For the jointing the following materials are suggested: - channels for water outflow: acetic silicon - channels for petrol derivates: polyurethane adhesive. Finally the concrete casting will be completed by realizing the side as described in picture.




    N.B. Failure to follow the installation instructions, specified in the certificate UNI/TR 11256, exempts the Mario Cirino Pomicino S.p.A. from any liability, including to third parties.



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